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These lecture notes is about algorithms, especially combinatorial algorithms. Put in its basic form, an algorithm is a set of simple, unambiguous, step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a specific task. Note that the word 'computer' doesn't appear anywhere in this definition; algorithms don't necessarily have anything to do with computers. True though, these notes focus (almost) exclusively on algorithms that can be reasonably implemented on a computer. In other words, each step in the algorithm must be something that either is directly supported by a programming language (arithmetic, assignments, loops, recursion, etc.) or is something that the reader already learned how to do in an earlier subjects (sorting, binary search, depth first search, etc.).
Author : Jeff Erickson,

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Algorithmic Problem Solving
In historical terms, the digital computer is very, very new. The science of computing is yet newer. Compared to its older sister - mathematics - which is thousands of years old, it is hardly in the embryonic stage of development. Yet, computing scien...more »
Download Algorithmic Problem Solving  ebook
Algorithms for Programmers
This draft is first created to accompany the already established collection of FXT libraries by the same author, on the fast transforms and low level algorithms. So far there has been 23 chapters of selected algorithms, each contains the necessary th...more »
Download Algorithms for Programmers  ebook
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
Programming is a very complex task, and there are a number of aspects of programming that make it so complex. The first is that most programming projects are very large, requiring the coordinated efforts of many people. (This is the topic a course li...more »
Download Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms  ebook
Average Case Analysis of Algorithms on Sequences
This is a book on a topic that has witnessed a surge of interest over the last decade, owing in part to several novel applications, most notably in data compression and computational molecular biology. It describes methods employed in average case an...more »
Download Average Case Analysis of Algorithms on Sequences ebook
Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Course Notes
The notes will cover many different topics. Readers will start out by studying various combinatorial algorithms together with techniques for analyzing their performance. Readers will also study linear programming and understand the role that it plays...more »
Download Design and Analysis of Algorithms: Course Notes  ebook
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