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     JavaScript Examples
Google Internal Site Search Script
This script will enable you to search within a site using Google search....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 2997
Counting characters in textarea using javascript
Here is a javascript code for counting the characters in a textarea....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1874
Launching the print dialog box using javascript
Here is an example to launch the print dialog box using javascript....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1932
Toggle a DIV using JavaScript
Here is a javascript function to toggle a div object. Once you click the Show/Hide link, the Div object will become invisible. It will become visible by clicking the Show/Hide link again....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 2267
javascript collapsible menu script
Here is a javascript collapsible menu that turn into submenus. Useful for things like categorizing subjects and a table of contents....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1926
popup window using javascript
This javascript can be used to create a popup window. It will display a mini popup window when page loads....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1452
A sample JSON definition
JavaScript Object Notation, has become a popular alternative to XML for defining structured data using JavaScript.
In strict JSON:
  • All string values must be in double quotes (single quotes won't do).
  • The name portion of each name/value pair must also be ...more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1906
Creating a Popup Once Window using JavaScript
Popup windows are everywhere on the web. Use this script to add one to your site that is NOT annoying, since it only pops up once. Try leaving then coming back to this page- no more popup. ...more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1344
Accept Disclaimer Radio Button Example JavaScript
Confirm your visitor's approval by requiring their name before continuing on. Useful if you require your visitors to accept a disclaimer before downloading software or visiting a section of your members-only site. Could be used with a cookie....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 3378
Add or Change Options on a form select field using javascript
This script can be used to add or change options on a form select menu.
...more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 2149
Dynamically Add and Remove HTML Controlls using JavaScript
this script can be used to add HTML controls to your forms dynamically.
...more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 2529
Add Input Fields Dynamically using JavaScript
Use this script to upload files. As a file is selected, another input field is automatically added....more »
Category : JavaScript Examples Hits : 1947
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