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  sending email using mail function in php

An example to send email using php mail() function.
Cut & Paste Script
    $headers = "\r\n";
    $to= "";
    $subject="This is email subject";
    $msgbody="this is email body";
    mail($recipients, $subject, $msgbody, $headers);
Exporting data from MySql table to CSV using PHP
Here is a code example for exporting data from MySql table to a CSV File. CSV file format is a file type that stores tabular data usually processed in applications like Microsoft Excel....more »
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Reading xml file using php
The easiest way to read a well-formed XML file is to use the Document Object Model (DOM) library compiled into some installations of PHP. The DOM library reads the entire XML document into memory and represents it as a tree of nodes. Here is a script which reads the xml file....more »
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setting and retrieving cookies using php
Here is an example to write and retrieve cookies using php. The setcookie() function is used to set a cookie and $_COOKIE variable to retrieve cookie value....more »
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Comparing two arrays using php
This code example will take two arrays and compares 2nd array with 1st. It will show the list of elements which are not found in the first array....more »
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authenticating user with browser authenticate dialog box using php
Here is a script to authenticate user with browser authenticate dailog box. Username and password is hard codded in page and will be matched with user input....more »
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